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10Musume 070816_01 Chie Aikawa There is no hot water Ai Aikawa washing body with mouth


uploaded Mar 21st, 2018



Mar 21st, 2018




Chie Aikawa


Blowjobs, Cowgirl, Creampie, Doggy Style, Handjob, Office, Uncensored




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AV shaved Creampie 美尻 フェラ 上司 舌 Dカップ 指マン 部屋 美乳 A woman in charge of young guest room where D cup beautiful breasts and beautiful butch are pretty, that took on the toxic of Kramer. Aikawa-san who came in response after receiving a complaint that hot water will not come out. Male customers who propose to prepare another room but also expand their luggage and do not move with various reasons as to how to take responsibility if valuables also break. Aizawa says to a male guest who says, "I do not want to talk about it because the person in charge is calling me," he said, "I do not want to bother the boss, I do not want to take care." Aikawa, who is about to start crying, "I finally found it, so I do not want to be fired for this time", I will show weakness from myself. And, "I wonder what I should do" to inform the other party carelessly, I forgotten to be a creamer. Do not miss that, "Well, please wash and wash it." A male customer who bulls out. I will guide you to a state that I skillfully agreed with my own intention to say "I will tell my boss or clean up with your mouth or Aikawa." Mr. Aikawa started licking her mother customer's ouchimpo in his mouth saying he decided to prepare. Use your tongue well and carefully lick the okinpo. The hands of male customers will begin to massage Aikawa's D cup tits. Mr. Aikawa who flashed with noticing that it is not enough for blowjobs. Still, there is no choice but to keep silent if you are told "call me boss." Cried with crisp and hand man and moved to bed. Male customers who turned into demonic creamers will not stop until they are sexually vocalized and seriously exposed to Aikawa's shaved pussy pussy.

クレーマーの毒牙にかかってしまったのは、Dカップ美乳と美尻が可愛い若い客室担当の女性。お湯が出ないとのクレームを受けて対応にやって来た相川 さん。別の部屋を用意すると提案しても、荷物も広げた、貴重品も壊れたらどう責任とるの、と色々理由をつけて移動しようとしない男性客。「担当者じゃ話に ならないから上司呼んできて」と言う男性客に「上司には迷惑かけたくない、大事にしたくない」と漏らす相川さん。泣き出しそうな相川さんは、「やっと見つ かった仕事だから、今回のことでクビになりたくない」と、自分から弱みを見せてしまいます。そして「どうしたら良いでしょうか」と相手にうっかり対応を委 ねて、クレーマー化を許してしまいました。そこを見逃さず「じゃあさ口使って洗ってよ。」と強気に出る男性客。「上司に言うか、お口で綺麗にするか相川さ んが決めて」と巧みに自分の意思で同意したかのような状態に誘導していきます。相川さんは、覚悟を決めたのか無言で男性客のオチンポを口に含み舐め始めま した。舌を上手に使ってオチンポを丁寧に舐めます。男性客の手が相川さんのDカップおっぱいを揉み始めます。フェラ程度で済まないと気がついて慌てる相川 さん。それでも、「上司呼んできて」と言われたら黙るしかないです。クリ弄りと手マンでイカされてベットへ移動。鬼畜クレーマーと化した男性客は、大人し くて真面目な相川さんのパイパンオマンコに中出しSEXするまで止まりません。

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