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2 Scenes In 1 GirlsWay Gina Valentina, Alina Lopez, Eliza Ibarra


uploaded Sep 11th, 2018



Sep 11th, 2018




Gina Valentina, Alina Lopez, Eliza Ibarra


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Alina Lopez arrives home in search of her boyfriend, Corey, to go to a homecoming dance but finds his sister, Eliza Ibarra, instead. Alina complains about her boyfriend’s tardiness and Eliza says that’s part of the reason why she switched to girls. When Eliza flirts a little with her, Alina becomes flustered and excuses herself to go wait for Corey in his bedroom, leaving Eliza confused but intrigued. They’re not apart for long before Eliza hunts Alina down, letting her know that Corey’s running late. Eliza insists that Alina can do so much better than her loser brother. Things heat up when Eliza caresses Alina’s leg and asks if she’s ever been with a girl. Although this is her chance to pull away, Alina doesn’t budge and hesitantly admits that she’s never been with girls and isn’t sure she could be. When Eliza starts undressing her to get at her breasts, Alina falls under her spell. Her boyfriend hasn’t been around to give her the pleasure she needs and Eliza’s already proving that she can certainly do more with her tongue! Although she soon unravels under Eliza’s experienced hands, tasting another woman for the first time, Alina’s world comes crashing down when Corey catches them in the act

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