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Luxury TV 259LUXU-332 Mino Higoto 36 years old Learning school management


uploaded Mar 26th, 2018



Mar 26th, 2018






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Luxury TV


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A young woman with stiff skin impression, Mr. Masahi Higashi. A figure that can not be seen at the age of 36. It is a woman with a beautiful face, calm in spoken language, and an elegant atmosphere somewhere. To keep keeping a beautiful appearance forever, he says he is making efforts every day, going to an este and going to a gym. She usually manages a cram school. It is said that marriage has been done and it is working together. I love her husband and I want to stay with her forever. However, her husband 's personality is seriously serious and he is a very solid man. Sex with such a husband is funny and boring ... It was satisfying with that while young, but as her age grew her, her sexual desire increased, she said more and more severe, seeming for absolute sex, she says . "I want to experience various sex" With such a thought in mind, it seems that today has come so far. Not only her face, her whole body is beautiful. Translucent skin to a slender body without extravagance. My breasts are likely to fall from the F cup and the bra. While taking plump her lips, let the hands reach the whole body. She blushes her cheeks, torches her expression, transforming herself from an elegant atmosphere into a dirty obscure atmosphere. I asked for an actor 's big rebounding Ji ●, experienced hard sex which I can not experience with my husband, I went home with a satisfying smile.


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Skin Impression Beautiful Face Spoken Language Appearance Forever Making Efforts Usually Manages




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