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Office Cleaning GirlsWay Scarlett Sage, Dee Williams


uploaded Apr 12th, 2019



Apr 12th, 2019




Scarlett Sage, Dee Williams


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Dee Williams sits at her desk in her office. It is late at night and she is hunched over her laptop, working diligently. She pauses for a moment, taking off her glasses and rubbing her tired eyes. Soon, a cleaning lady, Scarlett Sage enters her office. She is wearing headphones and dances a little as she comes in, not noticing Dee. Dee looks up from her screen and sees Scarlett. She watches her dance for a moment. She likes the low-key sexy way Scarlett is dancing and bites her lips. Just then, Scarlett looks over at Dee. Startled that someone is there, she stops dancing, her eyes wide with embarrassment, as she quickly removes her headphones. Oh she is so sorry ma’am, she thought everyone had gone home for the day, Scarlett says apologetically. Dee is understanding and tells Scarlett that she can work around her, but Dee has trouble concentrating on her work because she’s too busy staring at Scarlett’s hot body. Finally, Dee can’t take anymore, and wanting to get Scarlett’s attention, purposely spills a glass of water on her desk. When Scarlett comes over to clean it, Dee tells her there’s some under the desk too and Scarlett crouches down, sliding under the desk. As Scarlett wipes up the water, Dee hikes up her skirt and opens her legs. With Dee’s pussy inches away from her face, Scarlett’s eyes go wide. Scarlett can’t help but admit to Dee that she loves her panties as Dee suggestively traces her fingers over her pussy. Maybe Scarlett should take a…closer look at them, Dee says seductively. Scarlett bites her lip and moves up to Dee’s pussy, licking it sensually. Office cleaning can be a tough job, but Dee’s going to show Scarlett that it certainly does have it’s benefits.

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